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VideoCopilot ORB plugin for AfterEffects released

VideoCopilot just released another amazing tool – the ORB plugin for Adobe After Effects. And it is absolutely free! Though, the officially supported version of After Effects is CC2014 and above, the plugin does work with CS6. Here is a … Continue reading >

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Vector Path 2 plug-in released

Hi! The version 2 of the Vector path is available in the Downloads section. Currently, only Gimp 2.7+ is supported (will take me a few days to get the 2.6 version out, too busy at the moment). Changes from v1: … Continue reading >

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Gimp Plug-in – Animated Brush Creator

This is a simple script that duplicates a layer n number of times with rotation. Optionally add white background (and convert image to Grayscale) to create either RGB or grayscale brush. Grab it in the downloads Known Bugs: The script misfires … Continue reading >

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Interweaving Strokes

Overview This is a quick tutorial on creating interweaving effect with paths generated by Vector Path and SpiroGraph plug-ins.

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SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins updated

I updated the SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins. Please re-download corresponding packages. SpiroGraph Update Details: Added “Reverse Path” option to the dialog. This allows to create a duplicate path with opposite direction. Useful for certain effects – like interweave (see … Continue reading >

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Video Copilot Matte Painting Challenge

Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot posted a Matte Painting challenge for an upcoming VFX tutorial. Here is my entry.

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Vector Path Plug-in for GIMP released

Ok, the script is now available. I haven’t had a chance to test thoroughly in Gimp 2.8, but it seems to work ok. So, as of the moment there is only one version of it (1.0) for both – Gimp … Continue reading >

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New Gimp Plug-in: Vector Path

This script has been in the works for some time now, and I think it is ready to go. I will release it in a couple of days. This is a vector path generator script, includes several modes: Random Random … Continue reading >

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SpiroGraph Plug-in for GIMP released

The SpiroGraph plug-in is finally out, two versions are released – for Gimp 2.6 (version 1.0) and 2.8 (version 1.2). Look in the downloads section for it.

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New Gimp Plug-in: SpiroGraph

I am excited to announce a new Python plug-in for GIMP – SpiroGraph, which will be released in a few days. It is a symmetrical circular vector path generator with a bunch of parameters. I’ve been playing with it and … Continue reading >

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GIMP plugins updated for GIMP 2.7-2.8

For those of you who have been asking, here it is. All plugins are updated to the API changes in GIMP 2.7+. I coded them in GIMP 2.7.3 Portable. If some of you can confirm whether everything works smoothly in … Continue reading >

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Greyscalegorilla’s Glass Mesh in C4D v11.5

Nick Campbell of not so long ago released a “Softbody Glass Mesh with Dynamics” tutorial, using Cinema 4D R12. Myself and many others were able to achieve much the same result in earlier versions of Cinema. Some people were asking … Continue reading >

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Turret gun – Cinema 4D, Xpresso

Here is a recent Xpresso exercise I did – a sci-fi turret gun. aims at the target vertical barrel movement restriction fire is triggered when target is within range. XPresso setup:

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New Python plugin for GIMP – Word Art

Here is a new plugin for GIMP written in Python. Check it out > It creates random text art based on a number of settings. I think the setup is pretty cool (I am quite proud of it) – lots … Continue reading >

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Snowflakes in After Effects

Recently I was plying around with creating some snowflakes in After Effects. I tried few approaches –  creating design in external program like Flash, Illustrator or Photoshop then bringing it in to AE, as well as doing all the steps … Continue reading >

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GIMP Python Plugins

I have added a few button generators for GIMP written in Python to Downloads. Check them out > If anybody has any questions or comments regarding the plugins or running Python with GIMP, drop them in comments here. I’ll do … Continue reading >

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The Site is now Live!

Greetings to all! The site is now live! Happy Birthday to Added some Adobe Illustrator brushes to downloads.

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