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Vector Path 2 plug-in released

Hi! The version 2 of the Vector path is available in the Downloads section. Currently, only Gimp 2.7+ is supported (will take me a few days to get the 2.6 version out, too busy at the moment). Changes from v1: … Continue reading >

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Gimp Plug-in – Animated Brush Creator

This is a simple script that duplicates a layer n number of times with rotation. Optionally add white background (and convert image to Grayscale) to create either RGB or grayscale brush. Grab it in the downloads Known Bugs: The script misfires … Continue reading >

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Interweaving Strokes

Overview This is a quick tutorial on creating interweaving effect with paths generated by Vector Path and SpiroGraph plug-ins.

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GIMP plugins updated for GIMP 2.7-2.8

For those of you who have been asking, here it is. All plugins are updated to the API changes in GIMP 2.7+. I coded them in GIMP 2.7.3 Portable. If some of you can confirm whether everything works smoothly in … Continue reading >

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