VideoCopilot ORB plugin for AfterEffects released

VideoCopilot just released another amazing tool – the ORB plugin for Adobe After Effects. And it is absolutely free!

Though, the officially supported version of After Effects is CC2014 and above, the plugin does work with CS6. Here is a test I did awhile ago:

Project file and textures download

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Vector Path 2 plug-in released

The version 2 of the Vector path is available in the Downloads section.

Currently, only Gimp 2.7+ is supported (will take me a few days to get the 2.6 version out, too busy at the moment).

Changes from v1:
Bug fixes
Changed plugin dialog
Added multiple strokes with offset, rotation, scale
Formula Viewer helper app updated

For feedback, bug reports etc. for this version, use the comments section below.


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Gimp Plug-in – Animated Brush Creator

This is a simple script that duplicates a layer n number of times with rotation. Optionally add white background (and convert image to Grayscale) to create either RGB or grayscale brush.

Grab it in the downloads

Known Bugs:

The script misfires sometimes –  the source does not get copied to the duplicated layers (it remains as floating selection). Not sure if this is my fault or a bug in Gimp.

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Interweaving Strokes


This is a quick tutorial on creating interweaving effect with paths generated by Vector Path and SpiroGraph plug-ins. Read more >

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SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins updated

I updated the SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins. Please re-download corresponding packages.

SpiroGraph Update Details:

  1. Added “Reverse Path” option to the dialog.
    This allows to create a duplicate path with opposite direction. Useful for certain effects – like interweave (see this tutorial )

Vector Path Update Details:

  1.  Added “Reverse Path” option to the dialog.
  2. Added “Vector path Segments” script.
    It generates a given number of segments instead of a single path and strokes them on separate layers. This allows for easy animation.
  3. Updated Formula Viewer – added presets feature, bug fixes.

Known Bugs:

  1. Vector Path Segments  – in Gimp 2.8, stroke doesn’t seem to follow path correctly when performed procedurally, brush size seems to have no effect on the stroke (This does not happen when path is stroked manually)
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Video Copilot Matte Painting Challenge

Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot posted a Matte Painting challenge for an upcoming VFX tutorial. Here is my entry.

Matte Painting Plate


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Vector Path Plug-in for GIMP released

Ok, the script is now available. I haven’t had a chance to test thoroughly in Gimp 2.8, but it seems to work ok. So, as of the moment there is only one version of it (1.0) for both – Gimp 2.6 and 2.8. For the formulae – all standard python Math operators and constants are supported plus phi and phi_inv.

Grab it in the Downloads section.


If you have questions or feedback, drop them in comments below.

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New Gimp Plug-in: Vector Path

This script has been in the works for some time now, and I think it is ready to go. I will release it in a couple of days.

This is a vector path generator script, includes several modes:

  • Random
  • Random Linear
  • Random Smooth
  • Perpendicular
  • Formula

“Formula” mode is really what this script is all about – allows user to specify mathematical expression for X and Y coordinates. This ought to be fun for those math freaks among you. I also include a “helper” application which allows to preview your curve interactively.

More info in a few days… 😉

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SpiroGraph Plug-in for GIMP released

The SpiroGraph plug-in is finally out, two versions are released – for Gimp 2.6 (version 1.0) and 2.8 (version 1.2). Look in the downloads section for it. Read more >

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New Gimp Plug-in: SpiroGraph

I am excited to announce a new Python plug-in for GIMP – SpiroGraph, which will be released in a few days. It is a symmetrical circular vector path generator with a bunch of parameters. I’ve been playing with it and I am sure Gimp users out there will enjoy it. 😉

SpiroGraph Plug-in example

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GIMP plugins updated for GIMP 2.7-2.8

For those of you who have been asking, here it is.

All plugins are updated to the API changes in GIMP 2.7+.
I coded them in GIMP 2.7.3 Portable.
If some of you can confirm whether everything works smoothly in other versions, 2.8 RC1 etc., I would really appreciate it. Just post a comment or drop me an email.

All plugins listed below have new version (1.2) that works with Gimp 2.7/2.8?,
there are no changes in plugin functionality.


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Greyscalegorilla’s Glass Mesh in C4D v11.5