Greyscalegorilla’s Glass Mesh in C4D v11.5

Nick Campbell of not so long ago released a “Softbody Glass Mesh with Dynamics” tutorial, using Cinema 4D R12.

Myself and many others were able to achieve much the same result in earlier versions of Cinema. Some people were asking me about my setup in R11.5, so here it is. This also can be done using Cinema 11 or 10, but nesting spheres inside the softbody object would be harder using the standard Dynamics module rather than the new MoGraph dynamics.

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7 Responses to Greyscalegorilla’s Glass Mesh in C4D v11.5

  1. The video is broken>

    Video not found or access denied: wp-content/vid/glass_mesh.flv

  2. It seems like no matter what I do, the platonic always falls through the floor. I adjusted the dynamic tags and collision settings. Am I missing something?

    Thank you

    • Did you assign the rigid body tag to the floor plain and set the collisions?

      If it does not help, send me your c4d file and I will take a look.

  3. ok, I figured it out – turns out it has to be a plane rather than a floor object so that the settings work. No idea why though

  4. thanks

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