This site is meant as yet another resource for graphic and motion designers, animators, compositors and coders, as well as a way for me to stay connected with the crowd of creative people.

Over the years I have gained so much from numerous online resources that now I feel like joining the force.

Sites like Videocopilot, Greyscalegorilla and multiple others have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

As the site develops, new features may be added to it, but initially my objective is to provide some free content – stuff like textures, materials, scripts and what not. On occasion, I’ll maybe even write a post or do a video.

Stuff you’ll see here will most likely relate to one of the following: VBA, Python, Flash, Cinema 4D, After Effects.

I am by no means an authority in any of the above mentioned fields, so dig in at your own risk!


– Andrei