SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins updated

I updated the SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins. Please re-download corresponding packages.

SpiroGraph Update Details:

  1. Added “Reverse Path” option to the dialog.
    This allows to create a duplicate path with opposite direction. Useful for certain effects – like interweave (see this tutorial )

Vector Path Update Details:

  1.  Added “Reverse Path” option to the dialog.
  2. Added “Vector path Segments” script.
    It generates a given number of segments instead of a single path and strokes them on separate layers. This allows for easy animation.
  3. Updated Formula Viewer – added presets feature, bug fixes.

Known Bugs:

  1. Vector Path Segments  – in Gimp 2.8, stroke doesn’t seem to follow path correctly when performed procedurally, brush size seems to have no effect on the stroke (This does not happen when path is stroked manually)

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5 Responses to SpiroGraph and Vector Path plug-ins updated

  1. Using Gimp 2.6.12 PClinuxOS and python 2.6.6

    The new spirograph plugin fails with this, previous version worked ok

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/python/gimpfu.py”, line 692, in response
    dialog.res = run_script(params)
    File “/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/python/gimpfu.py”, line 353, in run_script
    return apply(function, params)
    File “/home/rich/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/b&p_spiro_1.py”, line 82, in draw_path
    points = getPoints(speeds,phases,radius,scale,points,size)
    File “/home/rich/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/b&p_spiro_1.py”, line 182, in getPoints
    if reverse:
    NameError: global name ‘reverse’ is not defined

    It is the same if reverse path is either yes or no.

    Strangely, it is the opposite for the vector path plugin, the previous version would not show the formula dialog, but the new version works fine

    • Oops! Sounds like a typo somewhere. Thanks, Will look at it in the morning. Anyone else has this error?

      • On the off-chance tried the 1.2 plugin for gimp 2.7/2.8 and that works in the PCLOS Gimp 2.6.12

        Great little plugin


  2. This still in Gimp 2.6.12 & PCLOS

    Although the spirograph 1.2 for Gimp 2.7/2.8 works here, I had a look at the differences between v1 and v1.2 and a couple of instances of ‘reverse’ missing – lines 82 and 143 ish.

    Got that spirograph 1 working now, although as before 1.2 also works.

    • Yeah, thanks Rich.
      Sloppiness on my side 😉 I am handling to many scripts at the moment, my apologies. I updated the download package, should be OK now.

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