GIMP Python Plugins

Gimp-PythonI have added a few button generators for GIMP written in Python to Downloads.

Check them out >

If anybody has any questions or comments regarding the plugins or running Python with GIMP, drop them in comments here. I’ll do my best to be of help.


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8 Responses to GIMP Python Plugins

  1. I am having problems installing the plug-ins made in Python. I have put the web button 2 file inside gimp\2.0\lib\plug-ins after they were unziped using WindXP Pro.

    I have also installed the pything winxp binary.

    Is there any other things I could try to get them to run. I have tried compiling the programs as well with no success.

    Thank You for any asistance you can provide.

  2. I try this on Mac OS X with gimp 2.8, but plug-ins is not recognized. Does it work on Mac OS X or is it only on Windows?

    • Which plugins have you tried? I developed them on Windows running python 2.6 – 2.7, Gimp 2.6.
      Some may not work with Gimp 2.8.
      I have no way of testing on Mac. Please try related pages on GIMP plug-in registry, someone might be able to help.

      • Hello,

        Thank you for your answer. I’ve tried the Glossy Button 1 plugin.
        Have a nice day.

        • It works on Windows XP 32-bit, running Gimp 2.8 portable and Python 2.7. Just tested it again to make sure.
          I am not a Mac user, sorry.
          Try GIMP forums for general help on Python Plugins on Mac. I believe it should work as GIMP/Python are cross platform.

  3. Ok I’ll try again and try to find the solution. thank you again

  4. I was having issues with getting this script to work in OSX as well. This is probably way out of date but I figured I’d put something down to help others.

    First, add the line “#!/usr/bin/env python” (without quotes) to the first line of the .py file.

    Second, make the file executable. “chmod +x .py”

    After doing both of those the script appeared and worked. This is in GIMP 2.8.16

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