New Python plugin for GIMP – Word Art

Word Art - GIMP Plugin Screenshot

Here is a new plugin for GIMP written in Python.
Check it out >

It creates random text art based on a number of settings.

I think the setup is pretty cool (I am quite proud of it) – lots of options/possibilities for the user.
Aside from controlling the following:

  • Image dimensions
  • Background color
  • Base Text color
  • Text color variation
  • Base opacity
  • Opacity variation
  • Base text size
  • Text size variation
  • Rotation variation
  • Random seed
  • Text input (font names or user input)
  • Flatten result toggle

you have ability to set font range – either all installed fonts, or an indexed range; you can control iterations – font number (i.e. currently selected number of fonts) or a custom number.

Anyway, it is easier to try and see then for me to explain the variations possible.

Any questions, comments and critique are welcome.


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12 Responses to New Python plugin for GIMP – Word Art

  1. I have installed this plug-in, but when I call up the Word Art menu nothing happens. Can you help?

    • This is strange. If you see the menu button, it means that plugin is registering ok on GIMP startup.
      Please post this issue at this GIMP Plugin Registry Page.
      I am sure if not me, someone else will help you out.
      Also, please provide complete info:
      Operating System,GIMP version, Python version etc.
      It could be simply a version incompatibility. I built and tested this plug with GIMP 2.6, python 2.6.

  2. Thanks for replying.

    I left a comment at the Gimp registry, but it is yet to be approved.

    I am using Windows 7. GIMP Version 2.6.10. Python 2.6.6.

    Does that help?

    • I have no way of testing this on 7, I work on XP Pro. Sorry for being of little help, let’s hope someone at the Registry will solve this.
      BTW, where did your post your comment? I don’t see it in my plugin page.

  3. I like this plug in, what I noticed is that the text tends to be lower and to the right and not much text appears in the upper left. I am sure it is because of random number generation. I don’t flatten the image and I end up moving several layers around. Nothing wrong with that as your plug-in takes care of the hardest part.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a range of angles the text can be positioned, different layers at different angles.

    • Yes, true – I’ll probably fix this in the next release by adding negative offset to x and y.

      Can you elaborate more on layer angles? Right now we have a rotation variation option. Do you mean, like a list of possible angles (e.g. 0, 45, 90)?
      Thanks for feedback.

  4. i installed this last night……..and for some reason it is not showing up in gimp. Can you tell me if i am doing something wrong?

    i have windows 7, and am using gimp 2.6

    i installed the file in the plugin folder…..and i restarted gimp. the plugin is not listed.

    any help, would be GREAT!

  5. Hey B&P long time no see!
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add a “choose your fonts directly option”?
    Like say i want to use 3 fonts but i want to pick them myself. 🙂

    Thanks for your awesome plugins man.
    You know where to reach me either my email or

    Thanks again,

  6. I also would like to see a color option where you can select 2 colors and the plugin draws the fonts with those two colors and any random colors in between.
    One more thing.Is it possible to fix the filter so it keeps all the fonts inside the canvas area size the user selects?

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