PDF Product catalog

iconThis Opencart module allows store owners to offer a product catalog in PDF format to their customers.

This PDF catalog generator is powered by mPDF PHP class and supports UTF-8 encoding, which allows support of almost all languages including RTL (Arabic and Hebrew) and CJK (Chinese, Korean, Japanse).

PDF generation in PHP can be slow and resource expensive. Prior to using this Opencart module, users are advised to read mPDF online manual to check requirements and limitations.


Sample Output

For large stores with many thousands of products there is a PDF Product Catalog XL module, that was specifically design to work with large stores, allowing generation of separate PDF catalogs for specific categories and/or manufacturers.


Admin panel:
– Enable/disable
– Position, sort order etc.

Catalog settings:
– Group products By: [Default(newest to oldest), Manufacturer, Category]
– Image size
– Items per page
– Margin
– Display price [on/off]
– Display Out of stock items [on/off]

This Opencart module is available at Opencart.com Extensions Section.