BP Links Plus

LinksPlus1.3banner01-693x200This Opencart module allows store owner to add link boxes to the site pages. This is a feature rich commercial extension, for a simple free links module check BP Links Free.

– Multi language support: Box Title, Link text
– expand / collapse modules in Admin
– sort order
– module status (enable / disable)
– individual link status (enable / disable)
– random links ( n of total, for AD rotation etc.)
– duplicate existing module in Admin
– URL not required (possibility to use this module for announcements, gallery etc.)
– horizontal carousel mode supported

Old Features:
– Admin Panel
All Opencart 1.5.x module settings are supported:
Layout, position, status, sort order, multiple instances.

– Custom Box Title
Useful for multiple instances of the module on a single page

– Unlimited links
Add / Delete rows

– Text or Image Links
If no image is selected, the link appears as text.

– Image browser integration
Easily add images using Opencart image Browser/Uploader.

– Horizontal and Vertical layouts
Automatic layout switch based on module position.

– Resize images to a specified width or height.
For added flexibility, images can be uniformly resized
to a common width or height.

– Multiple instances across site
– Multiple instances on a single page
– Mix text and image links in the same box.

This module is available at Opencart.com Extension Section.